Merry Christmas to Austin!

25 Dec


Christmastime is here, and despite everyone feverishly finishing their holiday gifts, we have a solid 20 feet of scarf for Austin, including this lovely gift box from the dollfaces at the Purl Street Scarf Project (modeled by the lovely Chad Badgero of the Old Town Commercial Association). Thanks so much, gals!

Join us next week in our last ditch effort to sew together the patchwork masterpiece at Knitting Happy Hour – The Final Saga, Tuesday, December 28 at 6:30 pm at MBC Lansing. Join us to turn in your last bit ‘o scarf and to help put the finishing stitches onto Austin’s scarf.

Or drop off your pieces by Tuesday to Rae’s Yarn Boutique, or drop off or mail pieces to the Old Town Commercial Association. No piece is too big, too small, or too ugly! Holes add character.


One Response to “Merry Christmas to Austin!”

  1. Jeannine Gruska December 29, 2010 at 3:50 am #

    Hi! I wanted to let you loopy scarfsters know I received a comment on my site from the great-great granddaughter of Austin Blair. (This being the Christmas season, I am stifling my genetically predisposed cynicism.)

    She wrote: “What a great idea! Thank you from Gov Blair’s great-great granddaughter!”

    Rock on!

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